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I feel like I’m writing this as a Swede moving to America. You really can adapt to anything!

A few weeks ago, I felt totally liberated as we gave away or threw away everything we owned in Sweden except the items that filled our 12 suitcases. As we face the upcoming move to a new home, panic sets in as I realize that we have no furniture except for a small dining table, a dining room set and two sets of bunkbeds. I have many boxes of books. They certainly could serve as acceptable seating for a temporary period of time. But I’m feeling a bit itchy to actually empty those boxes and enjoy my books.

Anyhow, to the point of this post. . . So, we’ve been looking around at furniture stores and other stores to fill our home with stuff. Our first stop was to a place called Furniture Row. There were four large stores filled with mattresses, bedroom sets, dining room sets and living room couches, all beautifully displayed. It was hard to even know where to begin. We walked around dazed and confused. I don’t know why: Ikea never made me feel dazed and confused. Maybe it was that I always had a specific mission when visiting Ikea. I did see a couch that I liked. The boys were captivated by a bunk bed with a slide.

We left before we started to go into furniture overload and drove to Costco. I suppose we should have eased gradually into the whole shopping experience. But I couldn’t resist the siren lure of Costco with its yummy samples, enticing bargains and bulk size. Coming from the land of the liter and gram size packages, we felt like everything had been supersized. (Did you know they don’t even supersize combos in Sweden?) We wandered around, enjoying the samples and staring bemusedly at the piles of clothing, stacks of furniture, and double-size packages of ravioli. We left Costco empty-handed.

Our final stop was at Barnes and Noble where Dh and I had a mission to find some book reading material for our flight to NY to househunt. It was there that the whole experience hit me. I was completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff you can buy in the U.S. There are so many options and choices that it makes it difficult to choose. In Sweden there might be two or three brands (with the exception of cheeses) from which to choose. Shopping was easy. In the U.S., there are 20 brands of toilet paper, 40 brands of soap and don’t even get me started about the shampoo aisle.

The bookstore paralyzed me with delight. I haven’t been in a room with so many English books for 5 years. And yet, I couldn’t choose! For years I’ve been pining away for a better selection of reading material and now I’m stuck with indecision.

Go figure.

I will probably get over it. But it certainly is an interesting sensation.


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I thought I had posted this a few weeks ago. Weird.  

And I was going to sponser a contest, but I forgot to buy the good kind of chocolate before I left Sweden. And I cannot stand the suspense anyhow.

 So, it looks like we are going to New York state. The job is fantastic and we are thrilled to have it.

We’ll be moving at the beginning of February.

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