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20 Years Ago…

– I was 11 and must have been about to start 6th grade. Mr. Eckley was my teacher that year and was awesome. I always won the book contests. And he read us Wrinkle in Time. And he introduced me to Chronicles of Narnia.

– I think my mother still made me wear the pink, spongey curlers to bed to my eternal shame.

– My youngest sister was born… And the funny thing about that was my best friend (who was a George–and the George family is notorious for gossip) told me my mom was pregnant before my parents told us. I insisted that she was not pregnant, but I guess I was wrong.

–the summers were the best. Between the all night reading fests to the playing outside with the sprinklers and pools.

10 years ago

– I was a newly-wed and going to summer school at BYU.

– I couldn’t find shorts long enough so I wore a pair of Brent’s shorts occasionally. Yeah, not the best fashion choice. But in my defense, back then, dh was much skinnier.

–  I was taking an awesome English literature class that was so much fun. We were introduced to some really different theories that have stayed with me over the years.

– I was a newlywed and was having so much fun.


5 Years Ago…

– I was living in Sweden.

– I was pregnant with Josef.

– Summer was kind of cold that year. But we did hit the beach a couple of times.

– My boys were 3 1/2 and 2.

 -I was actually healthy then.

3 Years Ago

– I went to the U.S. for 6 weeks in the summer.

– I went to a rodeo.

– I saw most of my family.

-Then part of the summer was spent in Sweden.  

1 Year Ago…

– We had just returned from a whirlwind 10 -day driving tour of Europe. It was awesome.

– Dh graduated and we had a huge dinner party for his fellow workers and many of our church friends.

-I was stressed about when and where we were going to move.

-oh last year was the year of tons of traveling: Israel, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Holland, England and the U.S.

This year…

-I moved from Sweden to the U.S.

-I drove across the country from Wyoming to New York.

-I went to Boston for Independence Day.



– I drove to Target, bought DS #2 a b–day present of rollar blades. Found a present for ds#3-very cool spiderman scooter.

– I took the kids to the beach.

– I fell alseep beside my youngest son helping him go to sleep.

-I then woke up and sat with the baby while she played around downstairs. I tried to keep awake. 


-I have to take the car in again for yet more problems with the electric sliding door.

– I should clean my house for the b-day party on Wednesday.

-Called the doctor for dh because he had some tick bites. 

-have to clean out the car for when I drive it with the door open.




-is the b-day party.

– I am taking the kids to the library.

– Hopefully I’ll get a nap.

I tag whoever wants to play. Just let me know if you are going to play with a comment.


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