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apparently there are still some major life lessons dh and I must learn right now. And major life lessons hurt, a lot. I can’t be all doom and gloom though. There are a lot of good things going on my life. I won’t be blogging for awhile though because I have to get this major issue sorted and that requires a lot of time and effort. We leave this weekend for a great vacation to Philadelphia and Washington D.C.  Anyway, to remind me that rough lessons don’t diminish the good things in my life, here are some blessings I am particularly grateful for.

1. My pregnancy is going very well. I had worried that it would be a difficult and stressful pregnancy since the first trimester was pretty awful. But things have calmed down. The baby is growing beautifully. I am free from most pain (other than normal pregnancy twinges and back-ache) and that is a tremendous blessing.

2. My oldest son successfully performed in his elementary school’s musical. I was helping with this and it was a lot of work. But it went really well. I  am so glad it is over though!

3. I am married to a man who loves me and loves our children. He is truly committed to our family.

4. DH was given a 6-month extension on his contract at IBM. We’ll stay in New York for another full school year. After that, we’ll try to migrate west.

5. My kids are becoming more and more helpful at home and with one another.

6. We have good neighbors and friends.


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Baby News

This would normally go in my family/private blog, but since not all of you are readers (but are welcome to become readers–just ask for an invite!) , I thought I would share my news.

We are having a boy. I guess I am destined to be a boy mom. Although I don’t think I fill role as gracefully as Laurel does, but it is one which seems to be my lot. I’m thrilled that the baby is healthy and developing normally. I felt the baby move quite a bit during the ultrasound and since then, he’s finally made his presence be know, especially during family gatherings.

Things have been super busy on the homefront so I’ve neglecting my blogs, but I’ll try and post, including some pictures of the baby bump. But remember, that’s only the private blog. Remember, if don’t have invite to the private blog, please ask for one and I’ll try and issue it asap.

And I do have some fun ideas for future posts wherein I muse about the impact of famous large families on society’s perspective of large families. Plus, I’m working out some thoughts about novel pacing and the crafting of fiction. (Boring? Of course, but where else am I going to express those thoughts!)

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