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The Parable of the Trees

We moved to New York two years ago in the dead of winter. Driving through the dreary landscape of naked trees did not impress me. I longed for spring when buds would speckle the trees and then completely cover them with brilliant green leaves. I grew to hate the dead looking trees with their unsightly tangle of limbs and dull hues of grey and brown. The very dullness of the trees seemed to mirror my own struggles and ugliness I saw within myself.

I would look in the mirror at myself and wonder, “Who is this person? Where has the adventurous Tiffany gone? Why am I struggling here when I flourished in Sweden. Have I lost all ability to adapt and grow and change?” And all I saw were grey dull bones of the person I used to be.

After enduring a truly difficult summer, I looked around my new home, surrounded by different trees, veiling the Hudson River. As the leaves began to fall, the river began to appear. The trees, bare limbs and all, began to look dignified and strong. I began to see the kernal of life that resided in each trunk. Despite losing their leaves for a brief period of time, all that was beautiful and glorious about the trees was still there. The strength, resiliency and vitality was still apparent.

As my view shifted of the trees, so did my outlook about myself. I’ve been stronger than I thought. And all those beautiful, fun things about myself are still there–the core of me is still there. My strength and vitality are still a part of me, regardless of whether I am enjoying all the sunny facets of life or slogging through the grey days of winter.


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Home Sweet Home

On Tuesday my husband received an official offer for a permanent (more or less) position at his job. So it looks like we’ll be staying in New York for awhile. We’ve moved beyond the realm of post-doctoral positions to real, honest-to-goodness grown-up jobs. Wow! It’s only taken us 12 years to get there.

It’s a great job and will be a positive step for dh’s career. And it will make the eventual transition to a university job easier.

Now, you all need to schedule your trips and vacations to New York. Please contact me with your arrival dates and I’ll make sure I have available couch/bed space. May I remind you that we are an easy train ride to the city, but we live in a peaceful, rural location. You can enjoy the excitement of the city and then retreat to the calm of the country while enjoying stunning views of the Hudson River. Can’t wait to see you!

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Eating an elephant

I’ll be posting recipes to the following website: http://abundantkitchen.wordpress.com two or three times a week. This is to facilitate a project I’ve been working on forĀ  a while. You are welcome to stop by and try out my favorite recipes.

Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. I love my darling baby, but he has really thrown me for a loop. I’m desperately trying to develop a good schedule for our family. In the meantime, blogging kind of falls by the wayside.

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