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3331952945_a442da68d2_oLast night I would have given virtually anything for a taste of some of my beloved Swedish foods. Nothing at home satsified my appetite as I longed for:

Anthon Berg Chocolate Origin bars: I prefer the Ghana chocolate with the delightful cocoa nibs. The flavor was truly was rich and decadant.

Crispbread with butter, cheese and cucumber. This is my favorite crispbread sandwich and never failed to satisfy. I never felt guilty about giving my kids this snack.

Swedish limpa with liver pate–Swedish limpa is a light, sweet rye bread. I grew rather fond of liver pate and found that it tasted best on limpa. Add a slice or two of cucumber and the sandwich was complete. (speaking of liver pate–does anyone know how to make it? If you do, let me know. But if you know of a good place to buy it, I would appreciate the information.)

Rice pudding with strawberry sauce. One Christmas eve, our delightful friend, Gunnel prepared Ris a la malta and I discovered a true treat. She made rice pudding, chilled it, then added freshly whipped cream. She served the pudding with fresh strawberry sauce.

I’m hungry. Perhaps UPS would come to my rescue?


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5 things

5 things I’ve done

floated in the Dead Sea

attended a masquerade ball at a castle

enjoyed a fabulous gallop on a beautiful horse

waterskiied (not very well, but it was still fun)

eaten crepes from a street vendor in Paris


5 things I haven’t done (but would like to)

seen a ballet (not even the nutcracker)

played the “How to Host a Murder Party” game

eaten Duck ala orange

flown in a helicopter

taken an overnight train

What are 5 things you have and haven’t done?

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I was to perform two requiems with the Taconic Opera Company. I was just one of many singers in the chorus. So I doubt my voice was missed. But I was sad that I wasn’t able to perform. After months of hard work learning the music, it was really a shame to miss it. But I know I really couldn’t have performed.

Today I met with a hematologist (blood specialist/oncologist). This doctor came highly recommended to me. I waited for less than a minute in the waiting room (and I even arrived early!) and spent a long time talking to the doctor about my medical history and my current situation. Fortunately, he did not find any more swollen lymph nodes. He ran several blood tests. He wants to get to the bottom of the cause of my anemia and the low white blood cell count. He’s testing me for Mono among other things. I’ll see him in two weeks for more information. So I guess that doesn’t really tell much.

I do feel more optimistic today. I was able to do a number of things, including taking the boys shopping for new shoes. So that is progress. I’m tired today but not overwhelmingly so. I even went grocery shopping so I have more ingredients to work with.

Thanks for the concern. It really means a lot to me.

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I have been down and out for several weeks now. Just when I think I’m getting better, I get sick again. And frankly, I am SICK of being sick. My house is a wreck and I can’t seem to get on top of anything. I know it will get better–I mean, it has to, but I’m hoping that it gets better sooner rather than later.

So a few weeks ago, I got a u.t.i that pretty much knocked me out. After taking my antibiotics, I still haven’t felt completely well. The doctors took tests and the infection is still gone, but I still have residual pain. Enough that I didn’t get to perform at the Requiem concert I had prepared for. 😦

Then, I discovered a golf-sized lump in my throat. Along with the lump came overwhelming fatigue. Fortunately, the lump began to subside. But I won’t even go into the myriad of doctors I have visited trying to figure this thing out. Yesterday, I did get good news. I met an ENT and he thought I had a reactive lymph node that responded dramatically to some viral or bacterial infection. I’m now taking antibiotics and a brief course of steriods. The doctor is confident that the lump will be completely gone within two weeks. So that is good news.

My white blood cell counts are still funky so I have an appointment with a blood specialist tomorrow. Let’s hope he has another piece to add to the puzzle.

On top of that, I picked up a little stomach bug when visiting my family in Ohio and I’ve been out of commission the whole day.

Sorry this was so whiny. I really know that things will get better and it will be but a dim memory (I hope) in the future. But slogging through the meantime is not fun.

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My time in the past few weeks has been devoted to a myriad of projects. Unfortunately, this week will not allow for a new post. So I will post after this week.

And, for those of you who check in occasionally, how about you write something on your blog in lieu of reading one of my entries? I check your blogs often and really do wish that you would update more often. (hint, hint!) And even if you think your lives are boring, tell me how boring they are. I would love to know.

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Just wanted to share a new blog:


My son’s den leader prepares the entries for this blog. He has great daily tips about multiple facets of preparedness. I highly recommend it.

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