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Pieces of me

Six weeks have come and gone since I came home from the hospital with a brand-new baby. My life has changed in so many wondrous ways. I am awed by this gift that is my son.

My head swirls and twirls with thoughts. I philosophize about babies, motherhood, and spirituality. I believe my thoughts are blog-worthy, until I realize I’m still running on lack of sleep. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to get through the day without a nap. And when I do push through a solid 12 hours of wakefulness, my patience snaps, my feet drag, my body aches.

I can no longer push my body to extremes. I must be diligent about eating good meals, sleeping well, and drinking gallons of water. At times, it is difficult to adhere to such strict standards, but I pay such a great price for deviation. The rewards of maintaining my health are tangible and valuable. Perhaps it is odd to feel this way, but I am grateful that consequences of taking care of my body are so immediate-whether for good or bad.

Having a new baby has caused me to slow down, to pause, and to rest. I welcome the opportunity to sit down and cuddle my baby. He grows so quickly and I race to capture his babyhood. I trace his perfect face, breathe in his scent, and stroke his tiny feet in an attempt to memorize these moments that fleet by.

The pattern of our family has changed, deepened and grown stronger. I am amazed at my children’s abilities to adapt, accept and love this tiny new person to our family. I watch my daughter strive to comfort her brother with songs, kisses, and stories. The older boys seek out opportunities to hold and cuddle the baby. His sweet demeanor calms and soothes us all.


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